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Thursday, 17th APRIL 2014

Held at Cooroy Memorial Hall, on Maple St





Planting seeds for personal and global transformation.


Untitled1Robin is the author of ‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’, trains Permaculture teachers and group leaders and has been a pioneer within Permaculture and ‘Social Permaculture since the early 80′s. She recently attended IPC11, The International Permaculture Conference and Convergence in Cuba where she taught a Permaculture Teacher Training course 15 years ago.

This trip she was a key-note presenter at the Conference on the Climate Action day and presented workshops at the Convergence as well as organise the Open Space component of the convergence and be responsible for the final day Assembly and Completion process of the whole event… quite a big responsibility and mission.

Robin will share a little of the IPC events but mostly present visual images and stories of the Permaculture, Organic Agriculture and culture of Cuba gleaned through the 2 week trip and the many and varied field trips that were part of the IPC.

She will also have copies of her newly reprinted Permaculture book for sale and is happy to offer some at 100% LETs if there are LETs members who would like one.


Wicking Beds –

what are they and why should we utilise them?

Presented by Linda Mahony

A wicking bed is basically a raised garden bed with a water reservoir in the bottom where water is wicked up to the plant’s roots by capillary action; in the process, the soil in the garden bed stays constantly moist and cool and there is far less water loss as a result.

Linda has been a member of Permaculture Noosa since 2003; she has served as Secretary and was the ‘tea-lady’ for a number of years.  Linda is also involved with the Yandina Community Gardens as a committee member and you will quite often find her selling plants on the YCG table at the permaculture meetings.  It was at the gardens that her interest in wicking beds began and, following two workshops on the subject and the conversion of two other conventional – but non-functioning – raised beds, the benefits of this type of garden are there for all to see.


Hugel garden beds

Observations on a Hugelculture~ 

Inspired Tank Garden by Ruth Sparrow 

Is your Garden suffering from long hot dry summers? Mine was. When I saw an article on Hugelculture, a raised bed using rotting wood, meant to increase water retention, I decided to give it a go. I finished filling the tank in July 2013 and I have been very happy with the results after this very hot dry season. I will tell you how I  made my tank garden, the successes and failures, and future changes to my design.

 John and I have lived in Belli Park since 1993, running a propagating nursery specialising in grevilleas. Every year I create a new garden and for the last decade most of them have been vegetable gardens. Since 2009 the harsh summers have reduced my yield and so I sought an answer.


Permaculture Noosa meetings are FREE and open to the public.  Beginning at 7pm with a Marketplace (where members share their surplus home grown produce by giving, exchanging or selling it), the guest speakers start at 7.30pm and supper (gold coin donation) will be served at 9pm.  Held at Memorial Hall, Maple St, Cooroy (next to the RSL).


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