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This Month’s Meeting

This Month’s Meeting
MEETING – Thursday 15th January 2014 at AT COOROY MEMORIAL HALL, 7:00 pm for a 7:30 pm start.

Wicking beds- a novel way to garden in a drought
Mark Fry, an accomplished permaculture practitioner, will present this very exciting method of gardening in a drought. Mark has his own wicking garden beds and has succeeded in growing an abundance of food despite the long dry spells we have experienced. Mark will explain how to set up your own wicking bed and explain the principle of such a system as there are many variations on the same principles.
Seed Saving – Fermentation and hot water Seed~ cleaning the really messy seeds
Lesley Mearns will demonstrate how the seeds of some common garden plants that are encased in a gooey mess can be processed for seed saving. Removing all that goo can potentially present quite a challenge, but fear not — over the millennia your seed saving ancestors have developed fermentation and washing techniques that will do most of the work for you. It is easy to learn the basics, and so after this demonstration everyone should be able to go home and start saving seeds from their favourite tomatoes, cucumbers and passion fruit varieties. Once you know how you will only need to buy seed if you want to experiment with new varieties!

Climbing beans
Mel Hobbins
claims that at Permaculture Noosa we have the largest number of varieties of climbing beans in Australia! The primary objectives are to show examples of the varieties Mel has trialled and the seed savers group will be taste testing the beans at their seed savers gathering in Pomona on the 8th of January. Get your gardens prepared for climbing beans as seed will be available at the next Permaculture Noosa meeting on the 19th of February.

A Plant profile on an usual but easy to grow vegetable
Elisabeth Fekonia
will introduce this vegetable at the meeting and this one is for everyone to grow as it grows like a weed. This very productive type of squash is a great food source to grow for the laziest gardener. Seeds are available through the permaculture Noosa seed bank.

Permaculture Noosa meetings are FREE and open to the public. Beginning at 7pm with a Marketplace where members share their surplus home grown produce by giving, exchanging or selling it, the meeting starts at 7.30pm and supper (gold coin donation) will be served at 9pm. Cooroy Memorial Hall, Cooroy (next to the RSL)

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