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This Month’s Meeting

This Month’s Meeting
MEETING – Thursday 19th February 2014 at AT COOROY MEMORIAL HALL, 7:00 pm for a 7:30 pm start.


Basket making  from nature

Pauline Chant was taught by her mother and she made her first basket when she was nine years old.  Her work today is the very embodiment of sustainability. Most of Pauline’s weaving material is sourced from her own property or local area and sometimes she calls on other gardeners to part with their prunings  for her basket making.  In recent years Pauline has dabbled in other mediums for her work, including paper, clay, kelp, bark, fabric, wire and plastics and recently has found that using permaculture plants such as vetiver and lemon grass is another new avenue to pursue for her baskets and paper making.

Pauline has led classes and workshops in basket making over several years locally and at “Gatherings” and also on visits to Fiji and Hawaii. For the meeting Pauline will bring a variety of completed baskets to show, and talk about the different weaving techniques, where the material was collected and how to harvest, prepare and store the fibres. A variety of materials to will be used to demonstrate how to construct a small garlic basket at the meeting.

Keeping your seed varieties pure: How to prevent cross pollination

A presentation by Elisabeth Fekonia an award winning, accredited permaculture teacher on how to do correct seed saving to keep varieties pure. Elisabeth holds regular classes on all thing permaculture and will explain how to keep your seed varieties pure for true to type seed.

Permaculture Noosa meetings are FREE and open to the public. Beginning at 7pm with a Marketplace where members share their surplus home grown produce by giving, exchanging or selling it, the meeting starts at 7.30pm and supper (gold coin donation) will be served at 9pm. Cooroy Memorial Hall, Cooroy (next to the RSL)

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