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This Month’s Meeting

Permaculture Noosa April 2016 Meeting:

When: Thursday 21 April 2016

Time: 7pm for 7.30pm – 9pm

Where: Cooroy State Primary School Hall, 59 Elm Street, Cooroy


How to Protect our Food Supply through Seed Preservation

Presenter – Robyn Harrison


2nd presentation in the series onRobyn Harrison

Healthy soil and its critical impact on the health of the species it supports.

  1. plants, livestock and ultimately humans.

Robyn Harrison moved to the area over three years ago and after attending a Permaculture Noosa meeting became inspired and passionate about growing healthy food and seed saving. Having become aware of the urgency for all of us in the community to take control of the food we eat, in order to ensure our own health, Robyn wants to share just how easy it can be to do.

The genetic blueprint for a plant is held in the seed from which it grows.
Modern farming methods are reducing this pool of genetic information so that variability in our food supply is being starved out.
Why does this matter?
What does this mean for the security of our food in the future?
What can we do about it?
Why is seed saving so important and what role does healthy soil play?


Series of Monthly meetings from March – June 2016:

Permaculture Noosa (PCN) is presenting a series of 4 monthly meetings

Healthy soil and its critical impact on the health of the species it supports

  1. plants, livestock and ultimately humans.

With past farming practices having left a legacy of degraded soils as well as the Australian soils being poor to begin with, a lot of work needs to be done to repair and rebuild our soils. Through the knowledge and tools we have through permaculture, we are able to control what we do to and for the soil.

The presenters and discussions at the meetings will consider the role of healthy soil, the impact of good practice on the wider community and the opportunities for each of us to contribute and be rewarded for our efforts.


The four sessions will look at:

  1. Local sustainable farming practices using livestock and plants, Phil Stringer 17 March 2016
  2. How to protect our food supply through seed preservation, Robyn Harrison 21 April 2016
  3. How to grow vegetables successfully in healthy soil to consume and share while finding ways to distribute our excess food, Elaine Bradley 19 May 2016
  4. The potential of the Noosa region/hinterland, Dick Barnes 16 June 2016