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Permaculture Noosa

This Month’s Meeting

DIFFERENT HALL FOR JULY & SEPTEMBER PERMACULTURE NOOSA MEETINGS- we will meet at the Cooroy State Primary School Hall which is adjacent to the ‘drop-off’ carpark on Elm Street.  There is limited parking in that fenced area but there are more designated parking bays just beyond the drive-through area.

This Month’s Meeting

Keeping bees in the backyard
A presentation by Paul Moriarty
Paul Moriarty has been keeping bees since the 1970’s where he was living in Tasmania. Paul would like to express how important it is to demystify the art of bee keeping and would like to encourage more people to keep a couple of hives in their backyards. It is better for many people to have a few hives rather than one man keep a thousand. There are some issues with the small hive beetle and American foulbrood but these are manageable he says. It’s the varroa mite that is of real concern but this hasn’t come to plague us here in Australia yet. Come and be inspired to keep a couple of hives and learn how to manage them.
It’s a wonderful experience it is to have your own honey for all your baking treats as well as knowing you are contributing to the wellbeing of the horticultural industry.

Keeping chickens in the backyard
A talk by Rosina Buckman
Rosina has been keeping chooks in her suburban garden for several years and she uses them to good effect. Put the girls to work and make them pay for their keep as well as giving you their fresh eggs! Her talk will be to encourage people to maximise on their suburban backyard chook keeping with her funny anecdotal experiences with the girls.

Permaculture Noosa meetings are FREE and open to the public.  Beginning at 7pm with a Marketplace (where members can exchange their home grown produce or homemade products), the guest speakers start at 7.30pm and supper (gold coin donation) will be served at 9pm.  Usually held at Memorial Hall, Maple St, Cooroy (next to the RSL). However for July and September 2014, the meetings will be held at Cooroy State Primary School Hall.
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