At Permaculture Noosa, we encourage our members and friends to grow a range of wonderful edible and medicinal foods that enjoy the local climate, which ensures we can always have an abundance of home grown food.

Sometimes these foods are not what we grew up with culturally. With this in mind we need to learn new understandings in order to process and use some of our ‘new’ home grown culinary delights.

This year we aim to feature a demonstration at each of our Thursday night Permaculture Noosa meetings, and if you’ve been to one of our recent monthly meetings, you’ll know that it’s fast becoming a very popular segment!

If you have a food that is easily grown in our climate and you would like us to organise a demonstration on how best to process or use that food, then be sure to contact our Permaculture Demonstrations Coordinator Dee Humphreys at or phone Dee on 0497754486.

Better still, if you would like to demonstrate your technique of using your favourite home grown food, then contact Dee and we will support you sharing your knowledge at one of our monthly meetings.

Coming up this month …

May 2019

Eating Aloe Vera for good health.

Recent demonstrations

April 2019

Dee showed us how to make a delicious Green Papaya Salad. You can view her video demonstration HERE.

Click this link to see Dee’s Green Papaya Salad recipe

March 2019
Dee demonstrated the process of using Madagascar Beans to make a delicious Permaculture version of Hummus. Click this link to see Dee’s Madagascar Bean Hummus Recipe.

You can view her video demonstration HERE.

February 2019
With a bumper Bunya Nut season upon us, Tom demonstrated how to process them. Tom’s favourite thing is Bunya Nut Pancakes!!! Click this link to see Zaia’s Bunya Nut Pancake Recipe

January 2019
Zaia showed us how to make flour from yams which she then turned into Yam Flatbread, which we tasted during supper. Click on this link for Zaia’s Yam Flatbread Recipe.

To listen to her talk click HERE.

November 2018
Neil and Maria demonstrated how to make Queensland Arrowroot into Chocolate Arrowroot Cake, which we all sampled during supper at the end of the meeting – delicious! Click on this link for Zaia’s Chocolate Arrowroot Cake Recipe.