2 thoughts on “Thinking of going vegan? Think again

  1. Although the author tries to challenge the three main pillars on which veganism stands. She only does it vaguely, expressing only her point of views and citing none scientific sources for her claims.

    The Author “Elizabeth Farrelly” holds a PhD in architecture, she is a writer and Associate Professor (Practice) at the Australian Graduate School of Urbanism at UNSW – None of this qualify her as an authority in any of the subjects she tries to tackle.

    The fact that this has been published in SMH doesn’t help her case either, columns with opinions in Newspapers like SMH are only there to create controversy and generate reads.

    Unfortunately, articles like this are not thought provoking but emotion provoking and they don’t add anything fruitful to the discussion.

    Veganism or Carnism are not the problem. The biggest problem are CAFOs and Monocrops. That’s what the conversation needs to be about.

    Veganism percentage worldwide is very low, percentage of people that eat “grass feed only” meat from organic, regenerative producers, is even lower. People that eat meat from CAFOs instead is… well… almost everyone.

    If you think about it, most of the people turning vegan in the last few years have been driven to change by a movement showing mostly the sad cruel world of CAFOs.

    We need to find a common ground for all different sides and fight together to make a difference. Then there might be hope for the future.

    Otherwise, we will keep seeing fruitless, never-ending war of egos.

  2. Here is a comment from one of our readers:

    Thank you for the newsletter.
    The article on vegans was very weak and unsubstantiated. The author has a PhD in architecture. Hardly an expert on veganism, nutrition, plants nor the livestock industry.
    If people want to learn about the cost to the environment of eating meat and the massive waste of land and water and cattle faeces clogging up the ocean, I suggest they watch the film ‘cowspiracy’. A quote from a cattle farmer – ‘you can’t call yourself an environmentalist if you eat meat’.
    90% of the Amazon rainforests have been destroyed to plant ‘soy’ to feed cattle in feed lots all round the world.
    A vegan requires 1/3 acre of land and water to grow food required for a year; a vegetarian requires 3 times this; a meat eater requires 18 times this amount.
    For the health side of eating meat watch the film – What the Health.

    Cruelty in the slaughterhouses where both grain fed and feedlots are killed shows abhorrent cruelty and torture to sentient beings.
    When you eat these animals you are eating their pain and suffering and fear.
    Go vegan and be healthy, save animals from cruelty and save the planet.

    Most cancers are found in meat eaters.

    Please pass this onto your members for consideration.

    Cherry Bright

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