Permaculture Realfood Courses with Elisabeth Fekonia

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3 Hour Feta Cheese & an Intro to Fermented Foods Making Workshop Learn how to make your own feta cheese at home in this three hour workshop plus taste test fermented foods such as sourdough bread, sourdough pikelets, cultured butter, sauerkraut, fermented fruit paste, fermented ginger carrots, miso, tempeh, kombucha tea, beet kvass as well as the feta cheese! Hands on participation from the class volunteers will show how to make feta cheese, quark, fermented pikelets and fermented ginger carrots. Handouts and recipes included. $70 per person 3 Hour Brie & Sourdough Dough Making Workshop Learn how to make your own delicious brie cheese from cow’s milk as well as easy to make delicious sourdough bread. Both of these fermented foods are made on the spot with samples for taste testing for all attendees. Hands on participation from the class volunteers will show how to make brie cheese, and sourdough bread from scratch. Handouts and recipes included. $70 per person 3 Hour Haloumi Cheese, Cultured Butter, Ghee, Yoghurt, Kefir & Sour Cream Making Workshop Learn how to make Haloumi cheese, cultured butter, yoghurt, kefir and sour cream. In this three hour workshop you will see how easy it is to make Haloumi cheese and put the life back into pasteurised milk and cream to make healthy life giving dairy products. Participation is encouraged and tasting of topics covered on the day will be available. Handouts and recipes included. $70 per person 3 Hour Lactic Fermentation of Vegetables, Fruits & Beverages Lactic or wild fermentation is a natural fermentation method that creates zillions of lactic bacteria that are a wonderful source of pro biotics for your inner health. Learn how make these easy ferments for yourself and see how versatile and varied these can be. Ferments such as sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented tomato sauce, fermented fruit paste, fruit chutney, cucumber pickles, fermented polenta fingers, nuca doca, as well as kombucha tea, beet kvass and ginger beer. Participants will be learning how to make these ferments through demonstration and participation. All foods and beverages will be available for taste testing with handouts including all the recipes. $70 per person 3 Hour Miso & Tempeh Making Workshop Learn how to make your own gorgeous health giving old fashioned miso with no special equipment needed. Also included will be the making of modern miso and tempeh. Soy sauce will also be partially covered. These traditionally fermented soy products are the only way to consume this contentious bean and they are sooo delicious! Handouts and recipes included. $70 per person


Home Cheese Making & All Things Dairy Workshop Learn how to make your own cheddar cheese, brie and quarek as well as cultured butter, ghee, yoghurt, kefir and sour-cream with award winning, accredited permaculture teacher Elisabeth Fekonia. Yoghurt and kefir cultures are for sale for $2 each. Morning tea, lunch and a manual available to all participants. $120 per person. Duration is 5 1/2 hours. Sourdough Bread & Lactic Fermentation Workshop Learn how to make easy sourdough bread and sourdough pikelets. Also on the day making sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented fruit taste and fruit and a batch of fruit wine. This very hands on workshop will be fun and easy to learn with plenty of taste testing on the day. Morning tea, lunch, a manual and sourdough starter available to all participants. $120 per person. Duration is 5 1/2 hours.


Seed Saving & Propagation Course Learn about seed saving, seedling raising, propagation and nursery skills. A great way to start your new garden journey. This course includes two units of a Certificate ll in Horticulture. Will be held every Tuesday and costs $180 for 7 weeks. Times are from 9.30- 2.30 and ask for a course overview and enrollment forms. Building Healthy, Living Soil Course An organic gardening course that will help you to understand soil. Includes soil tests, garden designs, living ground covers and mulches. Held every Tuesday, $180 for 7 weeks. Natural Pest & Weed Control Learn about organic pest and weed control. This course is based on two units of a certificate ll in Horticulture and will be held every Tuesday from 9.30 – 2.30 pm for 6 weeks. Cost is $160 and can be paid in installments. Request for a course overview and enrollment forms. Growing & Cooking with Tropical Vegetables Course Would you like to learn about growing and cooking with tropical vegetables? These easy to grow plants are so suitable to grow here in our climate that we can easily expand our food production with very little effort. This 10 week course held every Wednesday for 10 weeks. Cost is $280. From 9.30- 2.30. Request course overviews and enrollment forms Design Your Own Edible Landscape Course Plan and design your own property using Permaculture techniques Ever pushed a wheel barrow with manure uphill? Don’t make life harder than it should be. Permaculture has many design strategies that will make everything more streamlined and multi functional. With some good design you can have an efficient functioning system that is very easy to manage on a daily basis. There are many links and connections that can work together to make for minimum input and maximum yield. So don’t make expensive mistakes, get it right from the start and learn to design your own property for maximum home food production and maximum efficiency. Four day course $250 held intermittently from 9.30-2.30. Seed Savers Workshop Seed saving workshop for beginner seed savers. Learn the basics of successful seed saving from the garden so you can pass your seed safely onto others. Cost is $50 for the day and this includes seed and a seed saving manual.

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