PERMACULTURE NOOSA SEED SAVERS this Thursday 8th June 2017

PERMACULTURE NOOSA SEED SAVERS Good morning Seed Savers Just a reminder that this Thursday is our morning for Seed Savers. I look forward to your help with the upkeep of the seed bank, sharing a coffee and gardening chat with you. I hope to see you on Thursday morning. Sue Anderson Mob 0413 875 769 Email

2 thoughts on “PERMACULTURE NOOSA SEED SAVERS this Thursday 8th June 2017

  1. Shayne MacMahon says:

    I am a teacher of the Year 3-4’s at Conondale State School, and we are presenting a workshop at the Sunshine Coast Kids in Action conference on the 31st of August. This is a program where kids teach other kids.
    Our topic is about seeds, and I am very interested in exploring how to save and share seeds. We are very lucky to have a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, and some very knowledgeable staff and community members, but I was wondering if anyone in your organisation would be available to visit our school and share their knowledge on harvesting, saving and sharing seeds? The best timing would be in the next fortnight if possible :)

    Thanks for your consideration!

    Kind regards

    Shayne MacMahon

  2. Shayne MacMahon says:

    I meant to send the previous message as an email.
    Would you be able to delete it before it is shared, only because it has my mobile number in it.
    I have now sent the message as an email.
    Kind regards
    Shayne MacMahon

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