Need to Sell 2 Charlie Chaplins!

I am admitting defeat! I bought 4 Indian Runner Ducks, 3 boys and one girl. The girl is now nesting so she is okay. The boys, surprisingly, are lording it over the geese. So much so that the geese are running scared, the girls are even so afraid of the IR’s that they leave their nests and take to the hills. Given that the IR’s are approx 1/4 the size of the geese it beggers belief (like that Renee?) that the geese would be concerned at all. And, there are 8 geese and only 3 boy IR’s, go figure. Nevertheless, that is the state of affairs at 208.
So, I would like to sell 2 of the boys which you would love if you don’t have geese. They are so much fun, even though they aren’t trying to be, they never walk, always run, they are so reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin, it is comedy all day long. I will keep one of the boys until Mum delivers her ducklings and perhaps Dad will be too busy to bother the geese. Having 3 female Geese nesting I feel really bad that they can’t ‘just have some babies in peace”.
I bought them for $15 each so happy to sell them for the same.
I would love to add a photo but they run too fast for me.

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