Hand-grind Flour Mill – second hand price only $100.00

If interested contact Judith on 0404 024 370.

Survival Ark, also known as The WonderMill Junior, comes with Mill Body, Stone Set, Stainless Steel Burr Set and Double Clamp. 

It has a forward stone design and a built in solid cast 500gr hopper, and features a double clamped table foot for stability, auger spring and octagonal hopper and comes  with a flour guide to help the flour fall forward into the catching bowl.  Also included is a stone set for dry milling, plus the stainless steel bur set for damp grains and coarse peanut butters.

This mill is used but in very good condition and priced at only $100.00.  [The same mill new is currently selling at Skippy Grain Mills for $299.00, plus delivery.]

Grinding grains in a stone mill is gentle, producing quality flours at slower speeds and lower temperatures – the age old method of stone milling.  Commercial milling removes nearly 30% of the most nutritious parts of the whole grain. Within 72 hours, whole grain flour has lost over 80% of most vitamins. Mould and bacteria also quickly combine to further reduce nutrients and taste.

Use stone and steel milling for Wheat, Rye, Spelt, Barley, Oats, Millet, Corn (Maize, not popcorn), Durum Wheat, Long Grain Rice, Round Grain Rice, Buckwheat, Linseed, Chickpeas, Dried Peas, Quinoa, Amaranth.  Other clean grains of a similar size (that are dry and low in oil content) can be milled with care in stone mills.

Fine flour output specification is greater than 80-90% under 300 micron for the stone grinders. In real terms, this means the greater majority of the flour is very fine, and the smaller % are the fine bran particles. This output makes fantastic breads without sieving, and sour dough benefits greatly from the complete balance.

Judith Anderson, 0404 024 370.