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Note this workshop is the second of two workshops which take place over 2 Saturday mornings

This workshop provides an interactive platform to get an understanding of how to create systems to increase productivity on your property. It defines the value of creating your own fertility systems and gives you an understanding of what is lacking and what needs to be added to improve fertility. In the first workshop Tom will give participants an understanding of fertility systems, and the information for participants to go home and discover what may be lacking on their property. In the second week possible system implementation and /or improvements will be discussed. Tom will emphasise low outside input systems, so it is affordable and feasible for everyone.

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Tom Kendall is a permaculture farmer with over 40 years farming experience and a broad acre agriculture background. He is co-founder of the PRI Sunshine Coast Inc and PRI Luganville, Vanuatu and runs PDC courses and Permaculture training for the PRI Sunshine Coast Inc. at the Kendall Permaculture Farm Education and Training Site. Tom has a talent to identify and repair damaged and eroded landscapes, focusing on soil health and transforming damaged land to highly productive land. He repaired 7000 acres of dry land farm which had been conventionally farmed for many years and which was experiencing loss of top soil and erosion, by converting it to organic / bio-dynamic practices and making it profitable again. He also repaired around 10 acres of degraded, low fertility, sub-tropical ex-banana farm land, which is now a lush, flourishing Permaculture Demonstration and Education site on the Sunshine Coast. All land improvement was done on a low budget with minimum outside inputs, and was designed to derive an income from the land. Being brought up in a remote area of Western Australia, he was taught from very young to be inventive, innovative and self reliant, a practise he still continues today and teaches to his students.

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