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Our Keynote Speaker for August is Max Lindegger. The topic of Max’s presentation will be My involvement in Cambodia over the last 11 years. Using Permaculture to help the very poor to improve their lives – step by step.”


Some background information on Max: Born in Switzerland, trained in Mech Eng Design. Lived next to a small dairy farm in CH and got to love farming. Migrated to Australia in 1969. Got in touch with Bill Mollison in 1976 and was invited to attend the First PDC in 1979 and did the second in 1980 and then did co-teach no 3 in 1981. Worked as  permaculture consultant and teacher full time since 1981 – worked in more than 60 countries.

But there’s lots more!:


  • Max Lindegger is a designer of ecological communities and sustainable systems of international repute. He is a respected and sought-after teacher in the disciplines of sustainable systems. His reputation is born of 20 years of hands on experience and leadership in the design and implementation of practical, workable solutions to the challenges of sustainability.


  •  This depth and breadth of knowledge is recognised both in the level of demand for his services as a design consultant and in frequent invitations to present lectures at international symposia and conferences on themes such as Environment, Ecology, Sustainability, Permaculture, and Eco-village Design.


  •  As the creator and Director of the Oceania/Asia secretariat of the Global Eco-village Network, Max participates in and contributes to the international flow of current thinking and best practice in the fields of sustainable systems design and education.


  •  A key element of Mr. Lindegger’s design philosophy is the recognition that whilst sustainable systems will ideally take advantage of technological innovation, they must first and foremost fit the environment in which they are placed. For this reason he gives primacy to sensitivity to local custom and culture, utilization of local resources, ongoing benefit to the community, and positive impact on the local environment. His designs tread lightly on the environment in which they are placed. Clients value this design philosophy as it encourages community acceptance and contributes to the long-term success of their projects.


  •  Max was a primary partner in the design and development of the Habitat Award winning Crystal Waters Permaculture village. This is a robust and nascent eco-village situated in south-east Queensland, and is the site of the EcoCentre learning facility and the venue for many of his courses. He has designed and consulted on numerous community developments including the Spiers Project (S. Africa), Gqnubie Green (S. Africa), Living & Learning Centre (Sri Lanka), Vatukarasa Village (Fiji), Garopaba Project (Brazil), Las Canadas (Mexico), ITT, Oaxaca (Mexico), Tamera Solar Village (Portugal), M.A.L.T Farm (Australia), Somerville (Australia), Sarvodaya (Sri Lanka) and Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood, Kerrikerri (New Zealand). As a Director of EcoLogical Solutions Ltd. he continues to pursue a vigorous design role.


  •  Max is the author or co-author of publications such as The Best of Permaculture (Nascimanere) and a frequent contributor to journals such as Simply Living, and the International Permaculture Journal. He lives with his wife Trudi at Crystal Waters.


  •  Max was recently awarded the Australian Prime Minister’s Centenary Medal for distinguished achievement in the field of developing sustainable communities. Max and Trudi received the Sunshine Coast Environmental Council Award in 2004 for Sustainable Agriculture.


There will be other shorter talks on topics such as ‘what to plant this month’, garden tips and book reviews.


Do consider bringing friends or neighbours to our meetings. It’s how we grow the group and may be inspiring to them as well. See you there.

As always, you will leave the meeting better informed than you were at the beginning!

Permaculture Noosa monthly meetings are usually held on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Doors open at 6.00pm. when a market takes place where we share surplus home grown produce and plants by giving, exchanging or selling.

Entry is a $4 donation for non-members, $2 for members. The Entry donation entitles you to supper. Anyone who has genuine financial difficulties and cannot afford the entry donation will be excused. We will not turn anyone away. The meeting begins at 6.30pm and the night is complete with a “bring a plate” shared supper at 8pm. All welcome.

See you there……

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