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Working Bees are held at Cooroy Community Gardens every Sunday for 2.5 hours, followed by morning tea and a chat. A wide choice of tools is available and there is plenty to do. Bring along a hat, sunscreen, gloves, protective footwear and a cold drink.

Quite a lot has been achieved since Permaculture Noosa assumed responsibility for the gardens, with lots more in the pipeline. Come along to see what has been done and what is planned.

This Sunday, we are hoping to complete the transition of the gardens from one season to the next. A few more workers would enable us to achieve that goal.
So we are calling for Volunteers … even if it’s for this Sunday only – you will definitely find it rewarding.
Tasks for the working bee are:
  • constructing the compost bays from the timber pallets that Caroline has dropped off
  • a gate for the sandpit dome needs to be made to keep out cats….perhaps a shadecloth blind/flap that rolls up and down and possibly hooks into place
  • further work is required on the mandala garden – marking out, removing pavers, creating circles etc.
  • We have lots more planting to do.
  • Watering the gardens if we don’t get any rain by Sunday.
I look forward to replies so we know what to do this coming weekend (planning tasks for volunteers will ideally be done in advance so we can be organised and make maximum use of the manpower).
If you can contribute, please contact me on cooroycommunitygardens@permaculturenoosa.com.au
Report on Progress at Our Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens
We have made great progress with planting out lots of food plants … various varieties of tomatoes, potatoes, golden eschallots etc.
Thanks to Sandra we have received a couple of trailer loads of horse manure which Val has put to good use in the Food Forest together with dam weed, chip mulch and using the straw bales in the gardens which are breaking down nicely. Sandra is arranging to have 2 x half ton bales of hay delivered shortly…yippee
There is a big pile of bark chip around the corner in Wattle Street on that now vacant block (where the house was removed). I have spoken to the owner, Bruce who is going to take what he wants and will contact us to take the rest away for the gardens. In the meantime it is breaking down nicely.
The gardens are drying out a bit due to the glorious weather we are having, so we have been in watering mid-week and discussing having a mid week working bee for those who can come along on a week day….possibly on a Tuesday or Wednesday.


Thanks for reading. See you soon!
Julie Spencer

Permaculture Noosa
The address is: 26 Emerald Street, Cooroy

Here’s a link to the CCPG Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/permaculturenoosa/

Working Bee starting and finishing times depend on the season:

  • June – August : 9.00 am – 11.30 am
  • September – November : 8.00 am – 10.30 am
  • December – February : 7.00 am – 9.30 am
  • March – May : 8.00 am – 10.30 am