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Permaculture Noosa Members are invited to attend an Open Garden at the Doonan property of Dave Clark and Lissa Evans.

Be sure to join us for this tour through Dave’s FANTASTIC 25 year old Permaculture Garden. Dave calls it chaos, but it will be a magical opportunity to learn from such a well respected Permaculturalist who practises what he preaches.

*When: Saturday 24th August

*Where: 103 Grays Road, Doonan 

*Time: 9-11am (Please arrive at 8:45 to sign in and be ready for 9am start of tour) 

*Cost: $2 for Permaculture Noosa Members. ($5 YCG and Gympie Permaculture members)

*Bring: We would love you to bring a plate to share for a great social sharing after the tour

Note: You MUST be a member of Permaculture Noosa, Yandina Community Gardens or Gympie Permaculture to attend. (This event is NOT open to the general public.)

To become a member of Noosa Permaculture, follow the link on our Permaculture Noosa website. 

*Parking: Please park outside on the road, there is NO PARKING available inside as this is taken by other residents.

Any questions call Dee Humphreys 049 775 4486 (PN Open Garden Coordinator)

Background Information:

On this 5 acre, 25 year old Permaculture property you will find a couple who spend much of their time sharing information and supporting others in learning all things Permaculture.

From Dave – The original orchard had over 100 different specimens at one stage when I actually counted them. Since then I have relocated on the block, so the old orchard/gardens gives an occasional yield of fruit and a lot of goat grazing as the fertility of that area was addressed in the late 80s, and early 90s. 3000 native hardwoods were planted in about 1998 in zone 5 at the top end of the block.

More fruit trees have been planted in my new residential area, plus support species throughout, which include hedges/feeder lines of erythrina, leucaena, pigeon pea, cassava and all the other usual leguminous suspects. These were planted to support the soil, they now provide browse for the goats as well as windbreak for vege gardens. Of these I have numerous, some raised beds, 3 huegel pit gardens (which were a bit disappointing in the initial few years but are pumping now), plantings on the main swale, and standard narrow beds supported by rotting timber surrounds. The many garden beds give me preferential sites for summer and winter production.

We are slowly turning 5 acres of rough scrub with totally degraded soil into fertile pasture and gardens using a few goats on 6 foot leads in a mini version of Holistic grazing, plus a dozen or so chooks rotated in various areas. We make a compost heap about every ten days as besides chook and goat leavings, we have quail and ducks and lots of spoiled lucerne courtesy of spoiled animals. The compost feeds our veggie gardens regularly and pasture occasionally. We use cocktail cover crop mixes on gardens and to increase and diversify biomass in the paddocks, and we brew and strew benevolent bacteria and fungi everywhere. The property has two dams and a swale system which doubles as a top dam filler in serious rainfall events. We collect weed seeds to add to our paddock cover crop … Maximizing diversity is all-important. Some would call our place chaotic, and they would be right, chaos rules! As well as being a 25 year Permaculture property, we incorporate  regenerative farming, Syntropic agricultural insights, Holistic Management and some facets of Peter Andrews’ theories into our efforts to sequester carbon and restore nutrient density to our food.

This may be your first and last opportunity to visit this extraordinary property.

I look forward to seeing you all there for this incredible learning and sharing opportunity of PERMACULTURE IN ACTION!!!!

Unfortunately this property does not have wheelchair access.