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Permaculture Noosa Monthly Meeting 18th April 2019


When: Thursday 18th April 2018, 6:30pm to 8:30pm (Doors open at 6:00pm)
Where: Cooroy Memorial Hall, 23 Maple St, Cooroy, Queensland 


Our first Speaker is Aaron Mears.

Aaron Mears is a knowledgeable permaculture teacher in Pinbarren who gave up a school teaching career in Sydney to teach self-sustainability on his property Lulu’s Perch. He is also the co-founder of the not-for-profit organization “The Living Classroom Project” teaching regenerative agriculture to children in schools. Aaron has worked in Jordan, the Amazon and the Andes growing food. He has a comedy gardening channel on Youtube where he dresses up like a chicken and inspires younger generations to get their hands in the dirt!

Aaron Mears

From Front Lawns to Food Forests: Aaron has spent the past two years turning a well manicured ornamental garden into a fully productive food forest that sequesters carbon, restores the biodiversity in the soil and fertilizes itself.

Lulu’s Perch: Aaron holds workshops, tours and homeschooling programs all year round. Contact Lulu’s Perch on facebook to find out more.

Lulu’s perch

The Living Classroom Project: If you know of businesses that would be interested in supporting our schools or a school that needs our help, contact Aaron and his team at: hello@livingclassroom.com.au

Is it a duck?
Aaron in the classroom

Our Keynote Speaker for April will be Bob Cameron, Founder and Managing Director,  ROCKCOTE. The title of Bob’s presentation will be:

‘What happens when you base a business organisation on permaculture principles?’

For nearly 40 years Bob Cameron’s mission has been to help people create naturally beautiful buildings that do not cost the earth. Part entrepreneur, part mad scientist and part eco-warrior, the Founder and Managing Director of ROCKCOTE first started his career as a plasterer. After becoming dissatisfied with the quality and environmental consequences of the products he was using, Bob decided to ‘throw in the trowel’ and create his own.

Bob will explain why ROCKCOTE’s business culture is defined by the maxim, ‘Reseek and Develop’ and how this aligns with permaculture principles. Bob will share how embracing ancient knowledge and traditional skills, mimicking Mother Nature’s processes, being judicious with modern science and technology, and reviving the use of natural materials has created a multi-award winning, multi-million-dollar business.

A proudly Australian owned and operated company, ROCKCOTE is recognised world-wide for its innovation and extensive range of toxin-free paints, textures, renders, render systems, and natural building materials for residential and commercial use.  ROCKCOTE’s Natural Materials Range of natural paints, decorative finishes and natural renders utilises materials such as clay, lime and renewable materials including straw, hemp, bamboo, wheat and volcanic ash. 

The company’s Yandina based corporate headquarters boasts a vegetable garden, aquaculture facility and a chicken pen alongside the factory and render plant. The company’s Gold Coast based Design Centre was one of Australia’s first ‘green’ buildings and is energy positive, completely water self-sufficient, produces fresh produce from the onsite gardens and treats the majority of its waste on site. 

Bob’s ultimate goal is for ROCKCOTE to become the first fully sustainable and regenerative company on the planet.





Do consider bringing friends or neighbours to our meetings. It’s how we grow the group and may be inspiring to them as well. See you there. As always, you will leave the meeting better informed than you were at the beginning!

Permaculture Noosa monthly meetings are held at the Cooroy Memorial Hall on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Doors open at 6.00pm, when a market takes place where we share surplus home grown produce and plants by giving, exchanging or selling. Usually, there is a 30 – 45-minute keynote presentation followed by other shorter talks on topics such as ‘what to plant this month’, garden tips and book reviews.

Entry is a $5 donation for non-members. There is no charge for members. Anyone who has genuine financial difficulties and cannot afford the entry donation will be excused. We will not turn anyone away. The meeting begins at 6.30pm and the night is complete with a “bring a plate” shared supper (gold coin donation) at 8:30pm. All welcome.

See you there……