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Our Guest Speaker for the June Permaculture Noosa Club Night will be Sandra Tuszynska. Her presentation is titled Fungi – the Superheroes of Our Future. Sandra Tuszynska is Woodfordia’s Environmental Projects Officer and a soil microbiologist with a special interest in fungi and their wondrous mycelium. For her PhD  research, Sandra studied the cellular mechanisms of tree symbiotic root fungi and their ability to detoxify heavy metals. This allowed her to understand the power of fungi as nature’s feeders, regenerators, protectors and innovators. As a passionate public speaker and educator, Sandra hopes to inspire others to work with fungi and all the other super organisms which support life on Earth. FUNGI: THE SUPERHEROES OF OUR FUTURE Fungi munch on rocks and wood, creating soils and nourishing all life forms. Root symbiotic fungi form the gifting economy of the Wood Wide Web; the sophisticated network which connects and feeds the world, through intimate relationships with the smallest of bacteria to the largest of trees. While some feast on pollutants, others provide renewable resources from agricultural wastes – there are no limits to what these superheroes can do. Further information about Sandra’s work: At Woodfordia, as Environmental Projects Officer, Sandra oversees the Forest Woodfordia venue at the Woodford Folk Festival and The Planting, promoting land and habitat restoration projects engaged by Treehuggers who volunteer their efforts on monthly basis https://woodfordia.org/environmental-projects/ https://woodfordia.org/apply/join-the-treehuggers/ https://www.facebook.com/forestwoodfordia. From October 2019, Sandra will be leading The Mycology Research Project at Woodfordia, which will train citizen scientists to study, research and contribute data on the taxonomy and ecosystem function of Queensland fungi. The project is designed to raise awareness about the benefits of mycology (the studying of fungi); and make this science easily accessible to the Queensland community. http://woodfordia.org/the-mycology-research-project/

Club Night Demonstration on Ginger and Turmeric by Dee Humphreys
Do you grow GINGER and TURMERIC in your garden? At Club Night Dee will demonstrate how to easily grow, ‘bandicoot’ (harvest), store and use these SUPER HEALTHY roots to access their spicy rhizomes. These two SUPER FOODS that have been esteemed as medicinal herbs and culinary ingredients for thousands of years. Ginger and Turmeric are the PERFECT ingredients in winter dishes such as curries, soups, casseroles, slow cookers, stews, teas etc. Come along to enjoy a fun demonstration, highlighting the delight of using common Permaculture plants from your garden.

Winter Solstice Curry Night

The June Club Night is also our “Winter Solstice Curry Night”. We ask that all those attending the Club Night bring –

  • A curry, rice, side dish, or dessert etc. to share. No heating facilities are available, so if necessary, wrap hot food in blankets/ hot water bottle in an esky
  • label food with ingredients or at least meat/vegetarian, gluten or GF
  • Bring own plate and cutlery

It is anticipated that we will start enjoying the curries after Dee’s Demonstration, at around 6:45 pm.

Tea and coffee will be available after Sandra’s presentation as per usual, with a gold coin donation.

Do consider bringing friends or neighbours to our meetings. It’s how we grow the group and may be inspiring to them as well. See you there. As always, you will leave the meeting better informed!

Permaculture Noosa monthly meetings are held at the Cooroy Memorial Hall on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Doors open at 6pm, when a market takes place where we share surplus home grown produce and plants by giving, exchanging or selling. Usually, there is a 45 – 60 minute keynote presentation as well as  other shorter presentations on various permaculture related subjects.

Entry is a $5 donation for non-members. There is no charge for members. Anyone who has genuine financial difficulties and cannot afford the entry donation will be excused. We will not turn anyone away. The meeting begins at 6.30pm and the night is complete with a “bring a plate” shared supper (gold coin donation) at 8:30pm. All welcome.

See you there……

Stinkhorns like Phallus multicolour attract flies to disperse their spores, playing an important role in organic matter decomposition.

Woodfordia has a diversity of fungi growing supporting its ecosystems