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Do you want vibrant health, energy and happiness?  It all starts in the soil!  Growing soil that is full of fungi, microbes and life – and its easy, and loaded with health benefits.   Get your soils right and you will produce abundant food that is going to support your body with wellness.   Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy you and your family.   You will learn how to grow the healthiest food possible (pots and in ground) and why gardening is the medicine of the future.  We will also test the nutrient (Brix) level of some crops with a Refractometer and talk about the relationship of high brix level equal no pests and disease (healthy soils),  feel free to bring produce samples from your own garden to test.

Be sure to take a look at the YCG community website for more details: https://yandinacommunitygardens.com.au/saturday-11-may-2019-9-11-am-healthy-soils-healthy-food-healthy-you-with-leonie-shanahan/