Cooroy Community Gardens – Minutes of Meeting 1st October 2017

Cooroy Community Gardens meeting minutes   Where: Cooroy Community Gardens site & Cooroy RSL   When: Sunday 1 October 2017   Attendees: Wendy Strathearn; Caroline Whittle-Herbert; Phillip McManus; Val Wilson; Vic Bateman; Tim Peek   Apologies: N/a   Discussion: As follows   Phil explained the history of the original community gardens and the establishment of them by people who were visionary and motivated. He said the original intention was:
  • Have their own facility
  • Income producing
  • own the gardens
  • have an open garden
  • connection for the whole community through the gardens
  Phil showed us around the garden and told us of the businesses in the community who have helped with donations and help:
  • Bonnel landscape supplies
  • transport
  • Bunnings
  • community garden should be about community
  • should have a village atmosphere
  • be of service to the community
  • community gardens should be a service to people
  • should be developed with Permaculture principals such as Dan has explained
  • a place of learning
  • it would be good to re-establish links to the community
  • It would be good to have a space to sit and think
  • First we need a core group, a steering committee
  • 12 month lease to start
  • gives us time to prepare for the future
  • we can’t make any permanent structures until we are approved to start a new lease
  • I have started the process by negotiating for available grants
  • The next grant round will be in February and it will take us until then to get prepared
  • We need to start a Sunday garden clean-up
  • We need the document for the lease of the gardens
  • We need to get the water sorted out
  • Need to speak with a pump company for advice and support
  • Electric pump is in the stores
  • We may have free access to town water from the Council
  • Grants would be available to buy irrigation equipment
  • We would be able to get access for water in the meantime via Badminton
  • Volunteered to follow up with the badminton group for access to:
    • Water
    • Electricity
  • We need to have a vision to promote the Community Gardens
  • Maybe we should call them the Village Gardens
  • It would be good to develop a village atmosphere
  • My vision is to have a place that is lush, inviting, inspiring and productive
  • The gardens must be:
    • Educational
    • Family oriented
    • Environmentally conscious
    • Healthy
  • The gardens to encompass the fact that ‘soil health exceeds everything’
  • Showed the original plans for the current gardens including the plans for a meeting centre.
  • Made suggestion that any new buildings be made in a simple way with natural materials
  • Told of the traditional buildings that her and Giles made in Africa
  • We need a steering committee set up
  • Decisions to be made
  • Tim to contact Kylie Finnigan at Noosa Council regarding the signed document for the lease of the gardens
  • Vic to contact badminton regarding access to water and electricity

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