Channel9: seeks excellent cooks

  • ARE YOU A FAMILY WHO LOVES COOKING TOGETHER? Channel9 is looking for a family who would be proud to represent their culture and style of home cooking on TV and show the audience what they can cook in the kitchen. This family will be competing against other families from different cultural backgrounds. It’s a competition between families of different cultural backgrounds and through this we see the very best of the diversity of food and cuisine that Australia has to offer. We are looking for families who like / love / frequently cook together. We are looking for families who are not professionals at cooking but are very good amateur / home cooks. We are looking for a family of four – the four can be be made up of any type of family combination e.g. All brothers / sisters / grandmother and grandchildren etc. – as long as you are related We accept people under the age of 18 as part of the family. We are specifically looking for families who cook together frequently and are passionate about cooking food from their heritage to apply for the series. Perhaps you cook from recipes that have been handed down through the generations, or you have a more modern take on recipes. Whatever your influence, we would love to hear from you. This celebrates the warmth and cooking traditions of the family – and whilst their might be differences in the way that people go about things – overall we are looking for families who share a sense of family, and shard understanding in the same food. The series will be filmed in Melbourne over the winter months July 3rd – August 18th – this is if you stay in the whole of the competition. You will get compensated for your time – Each family member will receive an Out Of Pocket Expense Allowance (OOPE). It is $90 per day for each day and PER PERSON that they are with us – this is a TAX FREE allowance. In addition, we will also cover all flights, accommodation and weekly groceries. (If your needs are greater in terms of loss of earnings, please speak to me about this) The series aims to celebrate diversity and the rich cultures of cooking that exist here in Australia. There will be a cash prize for the winning family. Amount TBC. FOR AN INFORMAL CHAT PLEASE CONTACT: Jessica on 02 8587 1348 / Jessica Carey | Casting Producer
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