CCPG Working Bee 31st March 2019 – Report

Hi all,

Well, what a difference a day makes. The sudden change in weather was quite a surprise and unexpected. I almost needed a jumper this morning!

The gardens are absolutely flourishing after the good rain and muggy weather that we’ve had during the last week or so. The weeds and grass were also delighted and demonstrated their growing power!

There was a team of six this morning and work was relaxing and easier with the lower humidity.
We decided to prioritise the preparation of the small garden beds which had become overgrown. It was the perfect time to remove some bigger plants with the nice damp loose soil. Latha and Julie completed numerous measurements for future planning and for the upcoming Festival. Susan was hard at work with organising plant propagation and planning for future plantings. Val, myself and others worked on the garden beds.

Many thanks to Val for the above attached photos.

Hava good week!


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