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Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens Progress Log

June 2019 Noosa School students visit the Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens

Smiles about growing food where everywhere. The task for this Living Bee was to randomly plant seedlings into this smiling face straw bale garden. A pattern was created for the students to copy. A beautiful bucket of worm castings was shared to tuck the small seedlings in and then [...]

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A Quick Note on Mandala Revamp at Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens

Hey!! Sometimes you just have to attend a task to reap all the rewards. A Mandala is going to give the CCPGarden visitors a lesson in how to grow herbs. Also allows us to learn who can make excellent scones for the morning tea afterwards ..... thank you Sue [...]

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5th May 2019 Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens Working Bee Report

Here is a (redacted) report by Julie Spencer: Four of us put on the gum boots to do what we could in the wet gardens and to get ready for Fusion Festival next weekend. Wayne did an awesome job cutting up the metal 44gal drums so that they could [...]

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2 May 2019 Living Bee Report

When my dream turns into a learning experience for 14 adult students and their teacher amazing things happen. Steph bought her keen students into our Permaculture garden in Cooroy to help turn a Forest of nature into a Food Forest to create abundant production, and to give to the [...]

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:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.* Our Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens *.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.*

G'day happy gardeners! Rain wonderful rain  !! In case you’ve not been in the loop ✿*゚゚・✿.。.* The irrigation system for our gardens is almost complete – happy days! Thank you to all who have put in the time and effort to make this happen. This Sunday 9th, 5 pm [...]

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