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Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens Progress Log

Introducing your new Seed Savers!

Carly Garner and Maria Sturre are your new Permaculture Noosa Seed Savers Coordinators. Both Carly and Maria would like to express their gratitude to Sue Anderson for sharing her immense seed saving wisdom with them as she handed over the role earlier this month. Carly and Maria are both [...]

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Harvest Swap at CCPG

We are excited to resume Harvest Swap. On Sunday 19 July at 10.00 am at Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens, 26 Emerald Street, Cooroy. Bring along any spare produce, plants, baked goods, home made goods, anything! We hope to offer some of the bounty from our community gardens as well. [...]

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Update of Permaculture Noosa activities over the coming months

Our world is slowly opening up and the Committee is reviewing our plans for 2020. We were disappointed to have to stop our activities during the Covid lockdown, but things are now starting up in a gradual and safe manner. Not all events are within our control so there [...]

The Seed Bank Adventure

Our current situation with the pandemic is proving the importance of our seed bank. I have seen an almost panicked run on our seed bank as supplies of seeds and seedlings from places like Bunnings disappear from the shelves. The Permaculture Noosa Seed Bank has sold hundreds of dollars [...]

Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens (CCPG) and Harvest Swap

Everything continues to flourish in the garden this month as the rain continues. The ephemeral pond at the front of the garden is noisy with frogs and has a thriving Kan Kong plant around one side.  As there were some beautiful turmeric plants in pots in the greenhouse which [...]

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Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens (CCPG)

The garden is alive and flourishing thanks to the recent downpours.  The mandala garden’s hidden gems are not now so hidden while life in the ephemeral frog pond is robust and noisy.  Our latest working bees have been focused on containing the couch grass, pulling out nut grass (easy [...]

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New Seasonal Pond at CCPG

HUGE THANKS TO OUR SEASONAL POND CREATORS!!!! The Problem ... when we do get rain (that elusive wet stuff), the Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens has a very boggy area by the front entrance pathway, being the lowest area of the grounds. The Solution ... we originally planned to run [...]

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Living Bee at Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens

COME AND JOIN US – LIVING BEE for Wednesday 23 October  Where: Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens. 26 Emerald Street, Cooroy. Time: 9 – 11 am Task: Planting pioneer species and Subtropical vegetables into the Food Forest. We will also be naming these important foods and discussing their uses. Bring: Any number of [...]

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Introducing Dale Chapman

Collaboration with Dale Chapman We are very pleased to announce an important new collaboration with Dale Chapman at the Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens. Dale has joined the Leadership Group and is establishing our native bush tucker garden to increase awareness of the importance of native plants for medicine, food [...]

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