About The Club

Permaculture Noosa is an Incorporated Association formed to encourage and promote permaculture within the Noosa area of the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Permaculture Noosa monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Doors open at 6.00pm. A market takes place where we share surplus home grown produce and plants by giving, exchanging or selling.

The meeting begins at 6.30pm and the night is complete with a “bring a plate” shared supper at 8:30pm.

Entry is a $5 donation for non-members, free for members. The Entry donation entitles you to  supper. Members and guests are asked to donate a gold coin for supper. Anyone who has genuine financial difficulties and cannot afford the entry donation will be excused. We will not turn anyone away.

Cooroy Memorial Hall, 23 Maple St, Cooroy. All welcome.

Cooroy Memorial Hall 23 Maple Street

At our monthly meetings, members have stalls of produce and  plants  for sale.

A seed saving bank is  available to donate to and to access.

There is a library for members to borrow books that relate to Permaculture.

Every month an interesting speaker with a particular expertise presents to the group.
Often,  a member presents a profile of a plant, its uses, how to grow and propagate it.

The evening wraps up with supper and an opportunity to socialise with other members, the guest speakers and visitors.

Members occasionally arrange a Living Bee (formerly known as a Permablitz or PET day) to help establish or maintain gardens at another member’s property.  This is a great hands-on way of learning Permaculture techniques in a social activity.

We produce a monthly newsletterfor members.

There are many talented and skilled people in our group.  A register of members and their skills is updated and distributed to members every three months, enabling easy contact within the group.

Members are also involved in establishing school gardens which become outdoor classrooms to promote Permaculture principles while teaching kids that healthy eating and growing their own food go hand in hand.

Workshops and courses are also held continually throughout the year in community gardens and on members’ properties.  These include courses on techniques such as  composting and special interest courses like cheese making.


  • To provide  a sustainable alternative to ornamental gardens and monoculture, with edible gardens and farm designs; integrating crops and animals plus eco-friendly architecture and renewable energy systems.
  • To provide the local community with information and guidance on sustainable living based on Permaculture principles.
  • To organise activities to fund the operation of the group; supply newsletters and provide access to plants and seeds.
  • To provide practical education with hands-on workshops and field days.

For further information email info@permaculturenoosa.com.au.