THE DAGUN MARKET IS RE-OPENING Saturday June 23 at 3.00pm

The Saturday afternoon market which is run by Mary Valley Country Harvest Co-op is re-opening on Saturday June 23 at 3.00pm at the Dagun Railway Station.   The market opening will be a “soft” opening as we test our new systems and operations guided by feedback from our customers and past users of the market which temporarily ceased operating a couple of years ago. So, we will no doubt have some learnings emerge.   However, the produce will be the same fresh, flavourful, locally grown fruit and veg that we have continued to provide through our weekly produce bags and to our bulk buy customers. Some is organically certified, and most is grown without additives that are prohibited under organic certification requirements. All of it is local.  If we can’t grow it locally you can’t buy it from us.   The market stalls are run by the farmers themselves so you can meet the people who grow your food and who really care about the quality of the food you eat.   Kenilworth cheeses will be on sale, and there will be some interesting wines available if you want to make a social occasion of your visit to Dagun.   We hope you can join us for the opening day, but if not we hope to see you in the coming weeks.  

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