Pigs in Spaaaaace!!!….

If I rightly remember, many years ago the (magnificent) Muppet Show included a segment featuring Pigs in Space. The Space Pigs may have even had their own spinoff TV series all to themselves. All power to them.
Now I doubt that our beautiful purebred Tamworth pigs have ever ventured beyond the stratosphere, and if they have, they’ve done it under cover of darkness and been back before daybreak, but I can say without a doubt that our pigs are in space. Lots of space.

The really interesting thing is though, that it’s not the amount of space that’s important. It’s the quality of that space. There’s more and more talk these days of pastured pork, free range pork, free range bred, sow stall free and the like, and this is a good thing, because it begins to get these beautiful creatures out of confinement and the horrific conditions they’re routinely subjected to, and gives them room to move. Of course, some of these terms are simply a marketing ploy to make us feel better about what we’re eating and supporting and encouraging, but I want to focus on Pigs in Space, pigs that are able to stretch their legs and move about freely.

There’s a whole world of difference between having pigs in space and having pigs in an environment where they live amongst shady trees, fresh green grass and biologically active soils. Because we move our pigs every week, the earth that they walk on is not compacted and lifeless and inert. They constantly have access to herbs and grasses and plants that are fresh and actively growing, even in these hottest and driest of times. Our paddock rotations allow for soils and plants anywhere between 6 weeks and 12 months (depending on seasons, climatic conditions, and the state of the paddocks) to rejuvenate and reinvigorate before the pigs return. One of the great joys of raising pigs in this way is seeing their weekly delight at moving into a fresh paddock and exploring and devouring the smorgasbord on offer(even in these hottest and driest of times).

You wont find this experience on a supermarket shelf, and you wont find it under a certified label or guarantee, because it’s a very difficult thing to measure. Because it’s about quality not quantity. Because it’s something we need to see and experience first hand to truly recognise its value. And because it takes a great deal of additional time and attention to make it happen.


Our cows are in space too. In fact, our cows are over the moon every morning they’re let into a new paddock full of fresh green grass (yes, even in these hottest and driest of times). They’re completely oblivious to the fact that they’re employed essentially as a tool, as a walkabout slasher, to manage the property and ensure that the pigs are living in ideal conditions. They may be converting grass that pigs and people would never consider edible into meat and milk, bones and biofert, but this is of no interest to them whatsoever. They’re simply over the moon.

So when you next order a quarter of Tamworth Flyers bacon, ham and pork, you’re actively contributing to more pigs in space, and more cows over the moon, which is surely an action which is both down to earth, and reaching for the skies.

The fourth annual Mary Valley Country Harvest Summer School is all set to exceed all expectations once again this year. Robert Pekin, founder and inspiration of Food Connect in Brisbane, Shane Joyce, renowned for making biodynamics ridiculously easy to understand for all of us common folk, and Chris White, local food champion and owner/chef of the incredible Hungryfeel Eating House, are just some of the featured highlights this year. 27th/28th March. Tickets available soon through MVCH.

And now I’m going to be ever so slightly indulgent, by sharing some feedback. The first from the above mentioned Shane Joyce, who visited the property last year, the second by Sally Hookey, of the multi award winning Hinterland Feijoas, who are providing the delicious organic feijoas we’re currently infusing into our most amazing Ranga Bangas.

Yours I now boast about as the best hog farm I have ever seen.
Yep it took my breath away (& there were no bad odours!)
Thanks for sharing. S.J

Hey Phil… we sold a pack of snags to friends from Kingaroy- they just texted a message- “ Best snags they’d ever had” .

Seriously- you are the banger king!! We should try and enter a comp somewhere?? S.H

Five reasons to be thankful for zero rainfall and ridiculously extreme temperatures:
1. The mosquitos, ticks and flies are virtually non-existent this year.
2. The mower gets to sit quietly in the corner of the shed.
3.Umm.. I don’t think I’m going to get to 5. Wishing you all some rain and a cool change…

 March Orders              17/18 March 

Quarter pig (about 13 Kg).    Available for pickup  17/18th  March

This includes:
  • half side of smokey bacon (around 3 kg)
  • half leg of smoked ham (around 3 kg) on the bone
  • spare ribs
  • shoulder roast
  • sausages OR chops OR mince
  • smoked hock/trotter/bacon bones (mixed bag)


This pack can be divided in half at home to share among two families. It fits neatly into a standard esky with room for ice to transport home. All hams are cut in half to make it more manageable.


Price is $19.50/kg

Please confirm your order by email. Specify nitrate-free option if applicable.


Choose sausages, chops or mince. Pork belly is available on request.

In fact, we take all sorts of orders Pickup at Kandanga Meats. Pickup date will be confirmed by email one week prior to pickup.

We welcome questions, comments, feedback and farm visits(call to arrange a time). Feel free to forward this email on.

If you wish to be added to, or taken off our email list, call or email Phil.

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