“Living Bee” at Cooroy Community Gardens 23rd August 2017

Hi Everyone “Living Bee”  today to bring to life a beautiful Garden to walk and meet in. Wayne ,Val, Caroline and Bill Wilson started the energy flowing through the CCGardens . The front Herb garden was given the love to grow the plants we will put into it. The effort taken by the CCGardens members were revealed with some calm weeding of the pavers. Now we can appreciate those loving helpers who bent down and laid the pavers. Bill and Val will return before next Living Bee to finish erecting the totem poles . This will give the Gardens a visual energy for our next Walk about Living Bee. I am happy with the Points jotted down by Vic and look forward to the energies coming to the gardens. Spoke to the Badminton members and have a key for toilet usage. We also look forward to beautifying the gardens for a visual change for them too. They have tournaments  some- times so introducing Permaculture in our piece of paradise will be great. We had so much fun this morning and the bell rang out loud for a tea break as well. The amount of people we were able to wave to across the car park is building community. Valerie Wilson, Events Coordinator Permaculture Noosa

2 thoughts on ““Living Bee” at Cooroy Community Gardens 23rd August 2017

  1. Blai Beevor says:

    Hello, my name is Blai and I am a born and raised greenthumb who is very interested in being apart of the community garden.
    Are there garden beds available for planting and nurturing? I would love to help look after the garden and am constantly sprouting new flowers, vegetables and herbs for my own garden and always have to many seedlings for the size of my garden, I would like to give the extras to the community.

  2. Dear Blai
    Please send us your phone number and/or email address and someone from permaculture Noosa will contact you.
    Kind regards
    Bill Berry
    Newsletter Editor
    Permaculture Noosa

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