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Here you can find links to all the Audio Visual & Other Records of Permaculture Noosa Meetings


Permaculture Noosa Meeting 9 May 2018


Elisabeth Fekonia on what to plant this month

What to plant

Elisabeth Fekonia’s Tribute to Rosina Buckman


Jason Virtue’s Talk on Holistic Management

Matt Stevens Brisbane Holistic management intro April 2018 – as at 8 March 2018 – Copy

Maria Page on Seed Saving (cucumbers)

Cucumber – Growing and seed saving

Valerie Wilson’s Report on a recent Working Bee at Denni Thompson’s property

Val Permaculture Noosa

Vic Bateman on Personal (Romantic) Relationships


Permaculture Noosa Meeting 19 April 2018

beating climate change


Elisabeth Fekonia on the importance of Saving our Seed

The Importance of saving our seed


Heinz Gugger

Cooroy April 18


Kim Martin on “Grow It” products

2017 GC Talk DGIA to GROW


Permaculture Noosa Meeting 15 March 2018

Dee Humphreys on what to plant in March

“Growing your soil” by Robyn Harrison

“Witjuti Grub Bushfood Nursery” by Veronica Cougan


Permaculture Noosa Meeting 18 January 2018

Dee Humphreys on what to plant this month

Vic reviews a book:

Vic & Wayne on water tank bypass systems

First flush presentation

Permaculture Noosa Meeting 21 December 2017

Elisabeth Fekonia on Climate Change

Permaculture Noosa Meeting 16 November 2017

Graeme Sait of Nutri-Tech Solutions

Graeme SAIT Secrets of Home Food Production

Permaculture Noosa Meeting 17 August 2017

Sabrina Chakori of the Brisbane Tool Library

Events Coordinator Valerie Wilson talks about nature, its abundance and its wonder

Permaculture Noosa Meeting 19 October 2017

Susan Rodger talks about ethics in the food industry

Leonora talks on Permaculture of the Soul