Italian Visitor Seeks Sustainable Seasonal Work

Hi all!
I came across this fb page while reading about natural materials and sustainable living in Australia.
I’ll introduce myself! I’m Francesca from Italy.

Both my curiosity and my passion for travelling brought me to Sydney 5 months ago.  I work in an architectural practice, as I have a master degree in building engineering and architecture. My love for our world and nature helped me in focusing my interest in low impact buildings. In the few years after my graduation,  I had several working experiences related with natural materials and sustainable technologies..straw bales buildings, rammed earth walls, clay plasters, tadelakt..slow-burning clay heaters and more!

During these years I heard a lot about permaculture, but I’ve never had the chance to really get in contact with it.
And eventually here I the country where permaculture was born. I have a working holiday visa, and, as you certainly know, I have the opportunity to apply for a second year doing seasonal works. Well, as I read about permaculture I started wondering if there is a chance to do these works in a permaculture farm! This would give an amazing unexpected meaning to my experience in Australia, and even more to my life.

Now, I know that the majority of the farms rely on volunteer work, and it’s a pity that it wouldn’t allow me to apply for a second visa. Do you guys know any permaculture farm that can offer paid work?
I’ll be available from January, and I’m open to going anywhere!

Thank you very much!
Francesca PS: If anyone would like to contact Francesca, please leave a reply in the box below:

One thought on “Italian Visitor Seeks Sustainable Seasonal Work

  1. Dear Francesca,
    We live on 15 acres near Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast. We have always followed permaculture/natural farming. We would be interested in employing you to help us design a farm shed/horse shelter in the materials you mention.
    We have suitable accommodation here at home. What would be the minimal wage you would accept ?

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