Israeli couple looking for a permaculture farm to work or even volunteer in.

We have received an enquiry from a couple interested in furthering their knowledge of permaculture in Australia. Please contact them directly if you think you may be able to assist them: Dear Madam/Sir, We, Barak and Daniel are an Israeli couple looking for a permaculture farm to work or even volunteer in. Our plan is to return to Israel with the knowledge and practical experience to open our own farm back home. We are both hard workers with strong work ethic and a range of experience in agriculture and permaculture. A little about us: Daniel (29) is a certified permaculture designer, agronomist (B.s.c Agri – agroecology and plant protection), science teacher (back in Israel) has a 4 year experience in running and managing nurseries, has experience in bee keeping, working with goats and chees making. Barak (30) has two years experience with cattle work and other farm jobs. Has experience in constructions, driving and operating heavy machinery, is a certified nurse (B.s.c in nursing) and a medic. We will be happy to hear from you and maybe discuss our possible place in your project. Sincerely Daniel Elyakim Barak Kalfa Contact information: daniel barak 0455323156

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  1. Adrienne Bail says:

    Hello Daniel and Barak,

    We have 10 acres at Cootharaba on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and started building big veggie beds, mulching, planting and creating gardens that we could grow, sell and perhaps make an income from our produce. We (my partner and I) are both so busy with my business and his other job that we just cant maintain it any longer. We are looking for a couple to come and live here and work the plot and keep the dream alive !! It is a beautiful place but there is little infrastructure yet. We need someone who can help up erect the shed as a dwelling, there is already water and a toilet on site. The veggie patch is at the back of the property. We have since created a house veggie patch for ourselves that is more manageable – closer to our tiny house. We would love to talk to see if this is something that may interest you. I am passionate about permaculture and have done a PDC – but not put a lot into practice yet !!!!

    You are welcome to call me..

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