‘Green Goodies’ Garden Tours with Dee Humphreys

If you would like to learn more about Green Goodies then you may be interested in a Garden Tour with Dee Humphreys.

Where: Near Noosa Junction (Suburban property)
When: A time convenient to you or your group of friends
Cost: $25 per person for small groups of approximately 4 persons (You can organise a group or I can).

Garden Tour will take up to 2 hours … Or …
$50 for a personalised Garden Tour, just you and Dee for up to 2 hours.

What: You will get to identify, taste, and appreciate a WIDE variety of edible NUTRIENT DENSE and HEALTH PROMOTING Herbs and Weeds that grow VERY easily on the Sunshine Coast. By the end of the Garden Tour you will feel confident including in your daily diet, at least 30 Tropical herbs, 10 weeds, 4 flowers, 4 spices and 10 teas that grown EASILY on the Sunshine Coast. Notes to participants are included.

About your Tour Guide: On Saturday (15th October) Dee presented a 2 hour Workshop on ‘Green Goodies’ at Yandina Community Gardens. This was very well attended and participants thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge Dee shared regarding edible GREEN THINGS!
Dee is an Organic Gardener and Educator. Her enthusiasm for eating what she grows & using all things ‘green’ for health is infectious. Learn how & why to use ‘GREEN THINGS’ (herbs & weeds) in your daily life! BEWARE, you may even come to respect weeds & celebrate them popping up in your garden unannounced! (Don’t spray them, EAT THEM!). Dee has spent past 11 years exploring practical uses for a range of Tropical herbs & weeds that grow easily on Sunshine Coast. Eating nutritious herbs & weeds from her garden (all things ‘green’) is Dee’s passion.
If you would like to join Dee on a tour, please contact her on 0497 754 486 or deeianh@gmail.com

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