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The Sacred Alchemy of the Heart

Nov 24, 2017 - Nov 26, 2017

Permaculture of the Soul… Zone Centre

by Leanora

Often when we might choose a permaculture lifestyle, it is a creative expression and response to a world we may find hard to belong or fit in to, as it doesn’t reflect our values.  It is a wonderful endeavour to engage in a permaculture lifestyle, growing your own, and heading more and more toward sustainable systems.  Indeed that was what I chose to do back in the early 90’s as part of a wake up call and re-orientation of my life in my early 30’s.


After many years setting up a sustainable lifestyle, including building an eco house, and setting up a sustainable business (growing lavenders and making organic skin care) I found myself exhausted.  It became apparent that what I had left out of the system was ‘me’.  From Zone 0 on out I was taking great care… yet for myself there was never enough time or energy… I wasn’t even on the list.  Can you relate?  So my quest became how to develop a system which included me, which nourished and nurtured my soul, where there was spaces and places, of balance, and more joy.  I had to master my busy mind, in order to hear my heart’s guidance, I had to go real slow.


My own journey took me through a lot of physical illness, which I feel was required to help me grow and understand how I was part of the system and how my own health and well being were not something separate from what was going on outside me.  Over many years of healing, my focus moved away from the land, and also a variety of sustainable community enterprises which were run by a lot of other exhausted martyrs hell bent on making a difference for others and converting them to a new way of being. Instead I learned that Sovereignty, integrity and self responsibility had to become part of the system.  Rather than have the land, the projects, and anything or anyone else be what I focused on, I turned my attention inward… to what I call zone Centre…  Rather than doing, I learned to master being… to get my own needs met first, to ask for help, to let nature do its own thing, and to stop looking at the project as if it needed all my energy in order to work.  Magically things seemed to get done without an expenditure of so much energy… I learned to work within my own rhythm and do what felt right in the moment.  As a consequence I found freedom, joy, and possibility… and so began a different focus to my life.  My true calling was to share what I learned over 25 years through illness, to wellness and success… toward the creation of what felt truly sustainable to me and to realise my true purpose here in life.


For the last 7 years I have expressed my gifts through creating a system of healing meditation, and self realisation, which I call Embody Truth.  The key of Zone Centre, is to anchor into yourSelf, your own heart space and listen into the depth of your own being, to find guidance and support, to be your own guru, and the let life, love, and your passion show you a new way.  On the journey you get to clearly see what limits you and in that clear seeing your life unfolds.


I am offering and would like to invite you to join me for a workshop called the Sacred Alchemy of the Heart, at Cootharaba,  Queensland on 24-26th November.  I will also present this coming weekend at the Conscious Life Event on the Sunshine Coast.  Please be in touch with me, or Maria Page, to make a booking or find out more about this opportunity.  Is your heart calling you?


More info: www.embodytruth.com

Email: embodytruth@gmail.com phone: Maria Page at 07-5485 3789




Nov 24, 2017
Nov 26, 2017
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