Cooroy Community Gardens – Items Needed

Donations for items are needed for the CCG
Some people may have these things laying around not being used.
Needed :
  1. 25m of 1″ polypipe ( so we can take a water supply direct to the garden beds (currently we are having to go back n forth with watering cans).
  2. A working lawn mower with grass catcher( to allow us to quickly mow and collect mulch for garden beds and composting.
  3. One of the 1000L White water tanks in the square metal cages, called an IBC I think. (This is to be anchored on top of the 20ft container and used as a gravity water system for the whole gardens).
  4.  A solar panel, solar regulator and 12v pump to feed the gravity tank and be independent of the grid.
  5. Of course raised funds may supply some of these things but as a P/C community, would be great if we can utilize unused items first.

One thought on “Cooroy Community Gardens – Items Needed

  1. Wendy Strathearn says:

    I am happy to donate a 1000 litre IBC. I will need a hand loading it on my trailer and of course we will need some kind of machinery to load it atop the shipping containers.

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