Cooroy Community Garden – Could this become Permaculture Noosa’s Home?

The Permaculture Noosa Committee has been approached by Nick Hodge, President of Cooroy Community Garden and Kylie Finigan, Community Development Officer with Noosa Council. They are looking for partners in the community, or community groups who would be willing to take on a management role of the gardens. The Cooroy Community Garden group have worked very hard over the last few years to add important expensive infrastructure.

Nick and Kylie have had previous conversations with Maria and other members of our organisation on the idea of partnership with Cooroy Community Garden, prompting them to give us this opportunity, for which we are very grateful.

The group are open to any ideas for revitalisation of the gardens – including it becoming a true permaculture garden.

It would be great if we could make it our permanent home. It’s also possible we could also come to some sharing arrangement with the Cooroy Badminton club next door.

The Permaculture Noosa Committee has yet to hold formal discussions on this proposition, but as individuals we are very excited by it and would welcome comments from our members. If you have anything to say on this (or any matter), please don’t hesitate to post a comment on the website.

4 thoughts on “Cooroy Community Garden – Could this become Permaculture Noosa’s Home?

  1. The gardens are looking great. I think it is very much worth considering if we can hold our monthly meetings at the Badminton club instead of the temporary Cooroy school hall. There has been a lot of discussion in the past of being siteless or having some gardens and a home to call our HQ. Personally I think it a good idea if the badminton people can supply storage space and enough chairs for us to have our meetings. We could also look at the possibilty of utilising the gardens for teaching social and working bees.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Elisabeth. if you have any ideas on how we could do this successfully, we’d love to hear from you.Of course, the use of the Badminton Hall for our monthly meetings would need to be discussed and agreed with the Badminton club. It’s also a bit much to ask them to supply chairs. We would probably need to look after those sort of things…

  3. Occasionally we do get in a large number of chairs in at the shop I work at if we do get a home base I can look out for chairs. Or alternatively could each member pay for a chair????? and then the club buy some extras.

  4. Hi Rhondda
    Thanks for your offer. I’ll pass it on to the committee for consideration, though it could be some time before we can use the chairs.
    Kind regards

    Bill Berry
    Newsletter Editor,
    Permaculture Noosa

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