Brisbane Tool Library Crowdfunding Campaign

Imagine the projects you could complete if you had affordable access to the right tools. Imagine the new projects you could start with the money you saved. Now amplify that over a whole community…   Would you like to join your friend’s camping trip but don’t have a tent, sleeping bag or camping mattress? Do you need to mow the lawn to meet the requirements of your lease, but don’t own a mower? Do you need a tripod for your next video project? Would you like to help out the communal garden but don’t have any tools? Instead of buying all these items now you can borrow them at the Brisbane Tool Library! We have all of these items and more available for you!   Click on the picture to access the website:

  The Brisbane Tool Library Inc. aims to be a community hub where members have access to a wide range of tools without owning or having to store them. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars buying new things, at the Brisbane Tool Library, for the price of one power tool, you can have access to hundreds!   You could borrow not only a variety of tools and power tools, but also camping gear, sports equipment, event supplies, and more so that you can enjoy varied experiences without the cost or need to store anything.   Click on the picture to access the video:

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