THURSDAY 16 NOVEMBER 2017 at 6.30 pm



Date:                  16 November 2017

Location:         Cooroy Primary School hall, Elm St, Cooroy

Present:         Outgoing committee, Quorum of members



6.15pm         Announcement – last call for submissions for nominations.

 All nominees must be paid-up members.

Any further interest in nominations for committee positions may be submitted prior to the meeting commencing.

Nomination forms attached (copies also available at the AGM)

Organisational Chart attached


6.30pm         Commence AGM



  1. Welcome by chairperson


  1. Apologies


  1. Confirmation of Minutes of the previous AGM (attached)


  1. Any business arising from the 2016 AGM Minutes


  1. President’s report


  1. Treasurer’s report


  1. Auditor’s report

Treasurer to table report prepared by Sunny Coast Accountants for period 1 August 2016 to 31 July 2017.

            (Financial year Income & Expenditure and Assets & Liabilities Statement attached)


Income: $5,038.69      Expenses $6,253.27

Cash in Bank      Cheque account No.1             $1,049.17

Sandhurst Select Mortgage Fund      $10,628.83

Cash on hand                  $10.70

TOTAL CASH ON HAND 31/7/2017 $11,688.70



  1. Appointment of auditor for 2017/18


  1. Election of Management Committee:

All Management Committee position declared vacant: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and all ordinary committee member positions.


Current office-bearers and committee members who have re-nominated for their positions are:

Treasurer:         Wendy Strathearn

Secretary:         Lorraine Oats

Committee Members:   William Berry, Wayne Oldham


Current office-bearers and committee members who are retiring from their positions are:

President: Tim Peek

Vice-president: Vic Bateman

Committee member: Valerie Wilson, Caroline Whittle-Herbert, 


The current known nominations are:


President:                  Vic Bateman (previously vice-president)

Vice-president:         No nominations yet

Treasurer:                  Wendy Strathearn (offering for re-election)

Secretary:                  Lorraine Oats (currently acting secretary, offering for re-election)

Committee Members:         Re-nominating: William Berry, Wayne Oldham, Tim Peek

Tim Peek (previously President)

Note: Nominations for committee members and office bearers will be called for from the floor. If more than one person nominates for any office, there will be an election (by a show of hands or by secret ballot).

If any position remains vacant, the management committee has the power, at any time, to appoint any member to fill any casual vacancy until the next AGM.



  1. Public Liability Insurance (attached)


  1. Any other business


  1. Date of next AGM: Thursday, 18 October 2018


  1. Close



PN Own Rules (Constitution)

Assets and Liabilities Statement 2017


Minutes of 2016 AGM

2017 AGM Organisational Chart

PN 2017 AGM Nomination Form


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