Poultry of Many Varieties – Required and for Sale

14 week old Muscovy Drakes for Sale – One Beautiful Gander to give away or adopt out for a while

Hi All Drakes: I have 7 Muscovy Drakes for sale. They were hatched on 20th February along with their 6 sisters. They are enormous fellows, ready for a new home (or the pot). Life so far for them has been free ranging all day, every day, and penned at night because of feral dogs, however, they are getting a bit frisky, shall we say, and their sisters are doing well to escape, the girls can fly but their brothers landing gear is too heavy, much that they try, lift off just doesn’t happen. I would sell these boys for $15 each, (they have cost me more in feed). I do have an alternative, I actually would like to bring them ‘from paddock to plate” but am a bit squeamish about doing it myself, however, I do want to do it. When I did my pdc, they showed us how to slaughter poultry in a very humane way, e.g. pet them, and hold them quietly, soothing them and then with great stealth, and a suitable sharp knife, nick their caroted (not sure if that is the artery) artery with one very small cut, very gently, without them knowing, which didn’t appear to disturb them and let them quietly bleed out until they became unconscious. Then do what you do normally. I don’t have the confidence to do it, at least not the first time. I need a mentor and I kind of guess there are plenty of others who need one as well so maybe we could have someone do a workshop, for a fee, and we all get to learn how and gather the confidence. I’m up for that, but not up for the head on the block caper, have childhood memories of chooks running around with their, you know the rest! If anyone with the skills, humane only, would like to do a workshop please let me know. My ducks free range, all day every day, and are penned at night, after the geese were attacked by feral dogs. Photos on request. Gander: I have a procreation stand-off happening with my geese. I have seven geese including 2 ganders, one is the alpha male, ’Cut-It-out’, the other is, ‘Snowball’ who hasn’t quite found his intestinal fortitude to stand up to the boss. Consequently, Cut-it-out, spends all his waking hours intervening between the goose, Adeline, which is Snowball’s favourite, and Snowball. So, Cut-it-out, isn’t taking care of ‘the business’, of increasing numbers and Snowball is not either, so therein lies the stand-off. So much energy but no production. So, what am I to do? I really would love to see Adeline & Snowball turn out some beautiful babies, so I can only conclude that it would be a good plan to adopt out Cut-it-out and let’s see what develops. I am happy for someone to adopt him for a few months and perhaps if they fall in love with him they might want to keep him. Otherwise, I would happily have him come back and keep a close watch on how the relationship between these 2 boys develops, after Snowball has had the freedom, to do what ganders do. Please be aware that geese are VERY Loud, so you would not want to have close neighbours, or perhaps your ‘close neighbours’ would not be so ‘close’ for very long. They are vegetarians, so are very cheap to keep, but do enjoy raiding the chooks grain. They also love swimming so would need a dam. They are completely co-dependant on each other so once they join their gaggle, they are beyond frantic if they become separated from them. If they don’t have visibility of the other geese, they immediately call to them, frantic until they find them, when everything calms down and life goes on until the next time they wander off alone. And, yes, Cut-it-out, became his name as he hears those 3 words many times a day, every day, and instantly, cuts it out!   Please contact me if you would like to give him a home and have all the necessary lifestyle requirements, that a large gander needs. Photos on request.   I believe in allowing my animals to live as close to their authentic life as possible, therefore they are not imprinted by humans, free range all day, are penned at night for their own protection, after the geese were attacked by feral dogs. Phew!! That was big. Thank you Wendy Strathearn 0412 890 950

Chooks for sale

12 free range friendly chickens  (laying  6 egs  a day ) in Chatsworth next to serge ,,, penned  over night ,,,  $ 10  each   ,,, call Marty   0438 614  180  ☺

Geese for Sale

5 pairs of friendly geese for sale ,,,  $20 each ($40 pair)  ,,, in Chatsworth ,,, ( next to  Serge ) they are free range on day time and penned overnight   ,,, call Marty   0438 614 180  ,,,☺

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